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Washington Square West


Washington Square West is located in the heart of the city East of Broad Street. It runs East to West from 8th street right near Washington Square park to Broad Street and North to South from Market Street to South Street. It’s extremely accessible because Jefferson Station is a transportation hub in this neighborhood. It’s part of SEPTA's Regional Rail Line that connects you to other parts of the city, the suburbs and the airport. There's also the El or Market Frankford Line and the Broad Street Line that both bring you to this area. 

The Vibe

This thriving neighborhood is also known as Midtown Village or the Gayborhood. It’s filled with many small businesses especially around the 13th street corridor. It’s known for the rainbow street signs and LGBTQ friendly restaurants and bars. The culture is lively and inclusive and frankly just a place you want to hangout. 


This neighborhood is historic yet has a new funky flare to it. It’s very urban, trendy, vibrant, and artsy, and it’s great for foodies, shoppers and walkers. Packed with lively nightlife and streets lined with shops and restaurants that often spill out onto the street with outdoor cafes. It’s a place where you want to be to feel the buzzing energy. 


There’s a lot of hidden gems in this neighborhood. By that we mean little hidden cobblestone side streets that feel like you’re stepping back in time, hole in the wall businesses that will wow you and memorable community members that give it the warm and welcoming atmosphere. 


And of course you have Washington Square Park, which is one of the most beautiful parts of our city. This public square is a great space to enjoy the outdoors and open space in a big city. 


This neighborhood draws hip young crowds, quirky crews, Philadelphia natives and newbees. No matter who you are, this neighborhood will welcome you with open arms. 

Things to Do

  • This neighborhood is home to historical treasures including the oldest hospital and oldest theatre in the country:

    • Pennsylvania Hospital which is an architectural beauty itself, and it has gardens and grounds that are worth the visit.

    • The Walnut Street theatre has incredible shows that are always exciting. 

  • Shopping:

    • There are many local boutiques that sell vintage items, quirky home goods, handmade accessories and jewelry, apparel and more.

    • Some of our favorite local shops include Duross and Langel, Verde, Mitchel and Ness and Beaux Arts Vintage.

    • At the Northern end of the neighborhood is the fashion district which has more of the large name brand stores. 

  • Jewelers’ Row:

    • This is the oldest and second largest diamond district in the country. If you’re looking to add a little bling to your life, you’ll have more jewelry store options than you could imagine. 

  • Mural Mile:

    • A mile stretch with more than a dozen of the city’s beautiful murals

  • Washington Square Park:

    • It’s one of William Penn’s original 5 squares of the city and it’s a gorgeous and well kept park. Lined with benches, large trees, a beautiful fountain and lawns to relax. 


Restaurants & Bars

  • Vetri

  • Barbuzzo

  • El Vez

  • Sampan

  • Double Knot

  • Charlie was a Sinner

  • Giorgio on Pine

  • Middle Child

  • Bud and Marilyn's

  • McGillen's 

  • Graffiti Bar

  • Woody's

  • Tradesman's

  • Bru

  • Tinsel​

Real Estate

Washington Square West has stately rowhouses, condos and tons of trinities. There’s not a lot of new construction homes, but there’s a lot of existing homes that have been renovated. 


There’s a lot of smaller to mid sized condo buildings as well. There’s also condo conversions, which were single family homes converted into multi unit properties. 


One of the most unique and charming aspects of this neighborhood are the cobblestone streets that are tucked away throughout the neighborhood. They’re lined with historic trinities that have likely been upgraded but they keep that historic exterior. 


This neighborhood is great for homebuyers who are looking for a walkable, diverse and historic neighborhood with a spunky personality. 


As of May 2024, the average sales price in Washington Square West is $597,281 with 49 days on the market.

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