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About Us

Venture Philly Group was founded by Antonio Atacan and Aaron Byles who together have a combined 30+ years of real estate experience and have closed billions of dollars of dollars in sales.

Antonio Atacan founded the first Keller Williams in Philadelphia. After that, he teamed up with Aaron Byles, one of the top agents in Philly, to create Venture Philly. Together they are training the next generation of the best real estate agents in the city.

At Venture Philly, our mission is to provide outstanding service and market-leading expertise to our clients. We do this by combining years of proven experience, smart technology and excellent customer service. With us, you’ll have a memorable experience, real results, full transparency and communication guaranteed.

What We Offer

Results Oriented Growth

We are your launchpad to success in real estate. In just 90 days, we can have you connected and optimized to increase your bottom line. Experienced agents will see a 30% higher production year over year using our coaching, coordination and marketing systems.

results oriented growth

Transactions Simplified

transactions simplified

1 on 1 Coaching

You will have 3 coaches: Antonio, Aaron and Adam. They will help you master your mindset and help you reach your business goals. You’ll focus on these concepts that will set you up for success in this business:


• Business by design not by default

• Working on your business vs working in your business

• Financial goals & planning

• Emotional intelligence

1 on 1 coaching

1 on 1 Mentoring

Our mentorship program is a completely hands-on curriculum, focusing on practical skills so you can learn how to actually be a real estate agent:

• Writing Contracts

• Negotiating

• Open House Mastery

• Scheduling Showings

• Using the CRM

• Buying and Selling Strategies

• Compliance Documents

• Lead Generation

• Pipeline Management

• Sales Techniques

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 4.32.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 4.34.36 PM.png

High End Digital & Traditional Marketing

We have an in-house marketing director who will advertise your listings, showcase your wins and create any marketing materials you ask for. We will also provide custom flyers, door hangers, and other traditional marketing materials that you may need that reflect our teams ethos of quality.

• Social Media

• Weekly Newsletter

• Video Production

• Blog Posts

• Website

• Postcards

• Custom Flyers

• Door Hangers

• Letter Campaigns

• Signage


Lead Generations & Top Rated CRM

lead generation.png
  • We have a database of 30,000 people and new people are added daily

  • We’ve invested in cutting edge technology to capture qualified buyer and seller leads

  • New Venture Philly agents will immediately start receiving leads in a round robin system

  • We partner with the following companies to continue the growth of our database:

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