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Queen Village


Queen Village is a Southeast pocket of Philadelphia. It’s just south of Society Hill. It runs from South street to Washington Avenue and from the Delaware River to 6th Street. The best way to get around in this neighborhood is walking. There’s also a lot of SEPTA bus routes that come through here and it’s great for commuters because of the easy access to I-95. 

The Vibe

Queen Village is very charming, peaceful and quaint. It’s very residential and has a laid back vibe. It’s very historic and definitely has that old timey feel with some of the oldest homes in the city. You’ll find narrow blocks with gorgeous architecture under a canopy of trees. It has kept that historic feel and well established vibe, but it’s also been modernized with the eclectic group of people and businesses in the area. 


The area is overall just really relaxing. It’s a great place to go for a stroll, walk your dog,  and just wander around, pop into the great shops nearby, and pick up a bottle of wine and head to one of the many BYOB spots in the area. Locals here like to keep their shopping, drinking and dining close to home. 


It really has this small town feel where people aren’t in such a rush and just truly enjoy their surroundings. A lot of people who live here have been residents for years and years. But it’s also very welcoming for newcomers. It has a close community with a lot of Queen Village pride. 


Back in the 18th and 19th century, Queen Village was a working class suburb that was home to people who worked on the riverfront as dock workers, ship builders, carpenters and more. As new and eclectic businesses have come to the area, it’s brough modern energy to the historic area.

Things to Do

  • Fabric Rown - 3rd and 4th generation fabric vendors and a whole new generation of businesses like boutiques, restaurants, tattoo studios and more


  • Neighborhood parks including Mario Lanza Park and Weccacoe Playground


  • Sparks Shot Tower - this tall brick tower that looks like a smoke stack but it was to make ammunition and it played a major role in many wars. It was built in the early 1800s well before the civil war. Molten lead was poured from the tower top, and when it hit the water at the bottom it had formed into perfectly round balls.


  • South Street - this is where you’ll find a collection of bars, restaurants and galleries


  • Delaware Waterfront where you’ll find restaurants, bars, walking paths and parks


Restaurants & Bars

  • Cry Baby Pasta


  • Neighborhood Ramen


  • Oneal's Pub


  • 4th Street Delicatessen


  • Emmy Squared


  • Marrakesh


  • Tattooed Mom


  • Royal Sushi & Izakaya 


  • Mustard Greens


  • Keshset Kitcehn


  • Three Graces Coffee

Real Estate

In Queen Village you’ll find a mix of different types of properties both historic and modern. Queen Village showcases over three centuries of American history and architecture. 


The 100 block of Fitzwater Street here is a wonderful example of local home building styles from the 18th – 21st centuries. You’ll find tiny trinities, Victorians, distinctive bay window facades, and sleek 21st century architecture. Many homes in this area are actually on the Philadelphia Historical Register.


Back in the day, many homes here were built out of wood frames. You’ll still find a few of those homes here today but those structures were outlawed after several large fires in the area. 


You’ll also find condo conversions here. A great example is at the corner of 3rd and Monroe an old convent has been converted into beautiful condos.


Queen Village is also home to the very popular William M. Meredith Elementary school, which makes this a very popular area among families. This is a well sought after school district. So even if you don’t have kids, this is something to be aware of because it increases property values.


As of October 2023, the average sales price in Queen Village is $446,000 with 52 days on the market.

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