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TIME Magazine Names Philly One of the World’s Greatest Places of 2021

”A city best known for its storied past, Philadelphia is writing a new chapter this year.”

TIME Magazine released its list of World’s Greatest Places of 2021 and our very own Philadelphia made the list. That’s right - greatest in the WORLD! We topped this list because of the artistic growth in the city. There are two major reasons Philadelphia landed on this list. Keep reading to find out why!

A Growing Art Scene

TIME spotlighted The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s fresh perspective and redesign that was unveiled in May. The museum has been open since 1928 and it remains a staple in the city. The iconic exterior is recognizable from miles away, but it’s what’s on the inside of the museum that is getting us recognized by TIME magazine.

“The space now includes access to a previously off-limits vaulted walkway and a stunning floating staircase to rival the iconic steps out front, made famous by Rock. It has also added 20,000 sqft of gallery space to include exhibitions like ‘New Grit: Art & Philly Now,’ showcasing the work of 25 contemporary artists with ties to the city.” - Regan Stephens, TIME

A Growing Culinary Scene

The article also celebrated two culinary masterminds in Philadelphia. First, Omar Tate’s fundraising efforts for Honeysuckle Community Center in West Philly. Tate is making great strides bringing representation of Black American culture and history to the world of cuisine in Philly. He is raising money to open a community center will include a grocery, meat market, cafe library, and a supper club. Tate uses food and art to explore nuances of Black life and culture and TIME magazine is noticing.

“The local culinary scene is as vibrant as ever too, with chef Omar Tate crowdfunding the forthcoming Honeysuckle Community Center in West Philly, sprouted from his award-winning dinner series of the same name that centers Black culture and history.“ - Regan Stephens, TIME

Finally, TIME highlighted Ange Branca - a chef whose award-winning Malaysian restaurant closed last Spring, but she reopened a new restaurant called Kampar Kitchen. This is a community culinary space in South Philly for a diverse and under-represented food scene. It highlights different food cultures with a rotating roster of chefs. They invite Philadelphians to be a part of it the experience, listen to stories and share different cultures.

"And Ange Branca, after closing her award-winning Malaysian restaurant Saté Kampar last spring, is back with Kampar Kitchen featuring meals for takeout from a rotating roster of chefs.” - Regan Stephens, TIME


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