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The Transformation of Philadelphia Carriage Houses: From Stables to Stylish

How Philly Carriage Houses have turned into Luxury Homes

A carriage house is an outbuilding that was typically built on the property of a larger home to store horse-drawn carriages and sometimes even houses the coachman or caretaker on the upper floor. Carriage houses started showing up in the Northeastern United States in the 1800s and were viewed as a status symbol for upper-class families because horse-drawn carriages were very expensive to own during that time period. While they were originally built to store wagons, buggies and horses, modern day homeowners have turned the buildings into garages, second homes, guest houses, in-law suites, office or studio spaces etc. These properties typically have a high value in today’s market.

Brandywine Street Carriage Houses:

Along Brandywine Street in Spring Garden, you’ll find some historic carriage houses that have been transformed into luxury homes. Let’s look at 1731 Brandywine Street - it’s a historically designated 2 story carriage house built in the early 1900s. After serving its purpose as storage for a horse and carriage for years, it was bought as a foreclosure in 2009. It was then completely transformed into a modern day pad.

The top floor that was once the hayloft became a beautiful 1 BR/1BA home with custom features, a heating & cooling system, hardwood floors and stunning finishes. The bottom floor remained a garage space, but since cars take up less space than the horses, there is plenty of space for a work area & storage. This is just one of many historic carriages that has been converted into a half a million dollar property! Take a look at a few other carriage homes that have been transformed on Brandywine Street:

Van Pelt Street Carriage Houses:

Van Pelt Street is an alley between Spruce, Locust, 21st and 22nd Street that is lined with many carriage houses. Back in the 19th century they were the carriage houses to the big townhouses along Spruce Street. Smack dab between Rittenhouse Square and Fitler Square, they were owned by some of the wealthiest people in Philadelphia at the time.

Today, they have been renovated into beautiful homes in a prime location with a great history inside the walls! Take a look at one of the carriage houses in 1969 vs present day:


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