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Our Guide to the Best Community Gardens in Philadelphia

There are hundreds of community gardens scattered throughout Philadelphia. Some are decades old, while newer ones pop up each year! They range from several acres to the size of a small back yard filled with everything from watermelons to 6 feet tall sunflowers!

Ready to flex your green thumb this spring? Here’s our guide to the best community gardens in Philadephia!

1. Brewerytown Garden

Neighborhood: Brewerytown

Address: 27th and Master Streets

Membership Cost: Free with Sign Up (There is a wait list)

What makes it special: Sitting on just over a half acre of land, Brewerytown Garden is presently equipped with running water, electricity, greenhouse, tool shed, composting bins, picnic and event area, community board, beehives, and over 80 individual garden plots for growing organic produce. It provides a place where members of the community can meet and learn from one another, grow organic produce, practice sustainable living, and share food, knowledge, and friendship with all of our neighbors. We are a multicultural, diverse, and all-inclusive group of households from Brewerytown, Strawberry Mansion, and North Fairmount passionate about providing ever-increasing access to healthy food and a vibrant, serene community gathering space in our neighborhood.

2. Girard Garden

Neighborhood: Fishtown

Address: Located on the corner of W. Girard Avenue and N. 20th Street

Membership Cost: Annual fee of $50 (No wait list)

What makes it special: Girard Garden is a small urban community garden located in the heart of Fishtown, filled with friendly people from all walks of life. They are a neighborly bunch, who like to garden, eat veggies and learn about growing anything that will fit in their small plot of land.

3. The Spring Gardens

Neighborhood: Spring Garden

Address: 1832 North St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Membership Cost: Annual fee ranges of $40 - $80 (3-5 year wait list)

What makes it special: The Spring Gardens is an urban community garden in Spring Garden, Philadelphia built by neighbors in 1995 and helps families grow food and flowers for themselves and for donation through City Harvest.

4. Bouvier Community Garden

Neighborhood: Point Breeze

Address: 1346-50 Bouvier Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Membership Cost: Free with Membership ( No wait list)

What makes it special: The Bouvier Community Garden is a place of beauty and rejuvenation for the Point Breeze community. There the community can take part in a sustainable food system, fostering environmental education and healthy recreation, and preserving valuable open space.

5. Bel Arbor Community Garden

Neighborhood: Bella Vista

Address: 1012-26 Kimball Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Membership Cost: Free with Membership ( No wait list)

What makes it special: When an abandoned factory burned down in 1993, neighbors created two organizations to transform the space: the vegetable and flower-producing Kimball Street Community Garden and the Bel Arbor Tree Farm (both began to organize in 1994). The land was preserved by the Neighborhood Gardens Trust in 1999, and the two groups combined in 2001 to form Bel Arbor Community Garden. The garden holds an annual summer solstice barbecue potluck and provides a community space for birthday parties and other impromptu outdoor gatherings.


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