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Is Philly a New Tech Hub?

COVID-19 Brings Young Tech Workers to Philly Making the City a Potential New Tech Hub

Recent graduates and young techies are moving to Philadelphia to jumpstart their tech careers instead of previous tech hubs like San Francisco, New York and Seattle. When the majority of people started working remotely during the pandemic, they realized they can do their jobs from anywhere. That prompted many to move all over the country. Over the past year, more young talent in the tech industry moved to Miami, Houston and Philadelphia, making them hot new tech hubs. At the same time, we saw more people moving away from San Francisco, NYC and Seattle. This is according to LinkedIn data that shows users’ location changes from March 2020-February 2021 vs March 2019-February 2020. During this time, about 8 percent more people moved to Philadelphia while 34.8 percent moved out of San Francisco.

Data Source: LinkedIn

So if you’re moving to Philadelphia and you work in the tech industry, where should you live? These are the top 4 neighborhoods for young techies:

1. University City

University City is the heart of UPenn and Drexel - also known as the scholastic center of Philly. It has a college town feel with the hustle bustle of a big city - and it’s more affordable than Center City. Here you’ll find great public parks, fabulous restaurants and bars, and great shops. This unique and diverse neighborhood in West Philadelphia is growing every year. It’s one of the most livable, well-kept, and friendly neighborhoods in Philly.

Available University City Properties:

2. Fairmount

Often coupled with "The Art Museum Area," Fairmount is one of Philadelphia's most popular neighborhoods. The residents here are a hodge podge of young working professionals and active adults. You'll discover a top notch restaurant scene with cool neighborhood bars, small businesses and plenty of neighborhood pets. This is a well-rounded place to call home. If we had to describe Fairmount in three words we'd choose established, cultured and laid back.

Available Fairmount Properties:

3. East Falls

This charming northwest Philadelphia neighborhood sits along the Schuylkill River right off of Kelly Drive. It’s just minutes outside of Center City Philadelphia while having a small town feel. It has quick access to I-76 making it super easy to get into the city fast. It’s also close to Jefferson University, the Mainline, and Bala Cynwyd. East Falls has a mix of young professionals and established families and is a wonderful place to call home.

Available East Falls Properties:

4. Fitler Square

Consisting of brownstones and classic Philadelphia row homes along tree-lined streets, Fitler Square is tucked away along the Schuylkill River, just west of Rittenhouse Square. Largely residential with several green spaces, this area is the perfect place to take a romantic stroll or just kind of get away from it all without really having to go far. You’ll also find hip restaurants, cozy coffee shops and tons of old school Philadelphia charm. Tranquil, serene and stately are the best words to describe the vibes here.

Available Fitler Square Properties:


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