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Northern Liberties Population Expected to Double with 4,600 New Residences Coming to the Area

Photo Source: Northern Liberties Business Improvement District

There’s no doubt that Northern Liberties is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Philadelphia. And that growth will continue with thousands of new residential units and more businesses coming to the neighborhood. Northern Liberties Business Improvement District (NLBID) has announced the development of the Northern Liberties Streetscape Vision Plan. The NLBID is in its third full year of operation and its preparing for major growth in both residential and commercial business over the next several years.

Population Growth:

The population of Northern Liberties is expected to nearly double in the next two years. This is because there are 4,600 new residential units and 184,655 sqft of commercial space available or under construction. The NLBID estimates that 5,000 to 10,000 new residents would move into the neighborhood in the next two years, which would double the current population of Northern Liberties. Here’s a list of the new residences and commercial spaces coming to the area:

  • 5th and Spring Garden - 382 units, 6,000 sq ft commercial

  • Piazza Terminal - 861 units, 35,000 sq ft commercial

  • 6th and Fairmount - 350 units, 18,000 sq ft commercial

  • 418 Spring Garden - 330 units, TBD sq ft commercial

  • 501 Columbus Blvd - 481 units, 37,000 sq ft commercial

  • 310 Girard - 185 units, 6,400 sq ft commercial

  • 342 Girard - 45 units, TBD sq ft commercial

  • 700 N Delaware - 482 units, 10,000 sq ft commercial

  • 918 N Delaware 452 units, 16,855 sq ft commercial

  • 200 Spring Garden - 355 units, 18,000 sq ft commercial

  • 412 N 2nd - 387 units, 20,400 sq ft commercial

  • 417 Callowhill - 220 units, no commercial

  • 814-26 N 2nd St - 52 units, 8,000 sq ft commercial

  • 1102-48 N 2nd - 25 units, 9,000 sq ft

The above growth also will come to include the The Piazza/Liberties Walk, which will be replacing 500 units and 150,000 sq ft commercial over the next several years. New residents isn’t the only new thing in Northern Liberties. Despite the pandemic, the neighborhood has seen a record-breaking number of new restaurants and businesses in the area. To name a few: SET NoLibs, Anejo, Figo, Suya Suya, and there are more coming by the end of the year. As the neighborhood prepares for this continued and rapid growth, NLBID secured funding from the Penn Treaty Special Services District and have partnered with two local companies to re-envision 2nd Street and make the neighborhood even better for the people who currently and in the future will call NoLibs home.

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2nd Street Redesign:

The next project on the docket for NLBID is the 2nd Street redesign. They have chosen the architecture firm KieranTimberlake to partner with PORT Urbanism to re-envision the space. Both companies are Philadelphia based. The plan is to pave the way for the next ten years of growth.

The 2nd Street redesign will have a heavy focus on:

  • Pedestrian, bike and vehicular circulation

  • Furnishing, greening, lighting, signage, etc

  • Potential new community spaces

KieranTimberlake is known for creating other Philadelphia public spaces that we know and love. This includes: Penn’s Landing and Pier 53, Dilworth Park, the Bulletin Building, the soon-to-be-expanded Mutter Museum and the former Ortlieb’s Botting House. A representative from the first said they will work with the NLBID and local residents to create a clear image of their needs, ideas and aspirations. They said they plan to expand on the rich and creative history in Northern Liberties’ existing buildings, streets and landscapes, creating a framework for smart and sustainable community growth.

PORT is a nationally recognized Philly based public realm design consultancy. They will focus on the public spaces and landscaping. In Philly they are currently leading the Frankford Avenue Connector project and previously guided the Oval Plus program at Eakins Oval for the Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. A representative from their firm said the public spaces of a neighborhood, especially the main commercial street, are like the front door to a community. They said they plan to make the spaces inviting, intuitive and interesting and building on existing assets and characteristics of the neighborhood.

There is a committee of invested residents and property owners who are offering the design team their input. There was also a public input session for anyone to give their opinion. The firms are working on the first draft of the findings and will present them for more input in September.

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