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We Now Offer 3D Virtual Reality Home Tours For Sellers!

We Now Offer 3D Virtual Reality Home Tours For Sellers!

Thinking about selling your home? Is your home currently on the market with little activity?  We understand people are a lot busier these days.  Between work,  school and personal obligations, buyers may find it difficult to find time to check out a home even if it’s their “dream home.”  To solve this issue, the AtacanGroup has recently rolled out a new tool that not only makes finding a home convenient but also gives sellers the peace-of -mind of not having to constantly worry about heavy foot traffic.

Our new virtual reality home tours feature, lets potential buyers peruse your listing from the comfort of their own home.  Imagine being able to check out and inspect every nook and granny of a home without physically being there.  This new feature which is developed by Matterport, lets buyers control the high definition camera and effortlessly move throughout the home with the ability to zoom in and out as well as full 360 views.  The special 3D pro camera delivers crystal clear images to maximum visitor experience.

No longer are sellers relegated to 2D photos and standard video tours.  Now buyers can control the pace of their experience as well as give the ability to tour a property they are interested any time of day and as many times as they want.

For sellers this powerful tool is what can potentially separate your home from other competitors on the market.  24/7, 365 access is what can get your home sold faster and for the best price.  Contact us today to inquire more about our 3D tour technology!

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