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Under Construction: Schuylkill River Boardwalk

Schuylkill River Boardwalk set to Unveil in Fall 2014

Those who frequent the Schuylkill River Trail have definitely noticed the construction currently taking place adjacent to the river. In case you missed it, Philly.com recently reported Philadelphia will introduce its very own Schuylkill River boardwalk next fall in 2014. The project will span from Locust Ave to the South Street bridge, connecting Center City & the Schuylkill to West Philadelphia & University City.

Schuylkill Banks River Extension Mock-Up

Further specifics regarding Philadelphia’s upcoming boardwalk:

  • 2000 Feet Long
  • Extends Schuylkill River Trail’s current dead end to South Street Bridge
  • 460 Foot ADA accessible ramp will bring pedestrians from river, to deck of South Street Bridge
  • 15 Feet  Wide
  • 4 Extended Lookout Areas
  • Will suspend users above tidal waters, “somewhat far from shore”
  • Majority of structure concrete
  • Aims to incorporate solar lighting
  • Initial launch date: August 2014, amended to September – October 2014

References: Philly.com, Schuylkillbanks.org

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