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Top Reasons to Raise Kids in Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Philles.com

Combating the common notion that families must settle down in the suburbs, the writers at “Split That Out” Blog compiled a thorough list of the “Top 50 Reasons to Raise Kids in Philadelphia.” With varying reasons from culture, to food, to cost of living, and transportation, S.T.O. did a really great job highlighting the benefits to an urban upbringing. Therefore, we wanted to share a handful of our favorites with the parents and parents-to-be of Philadelphia.

1. City kids [and parents] get more exercise – “we walk, bike & scoot everywhere.”

2. Free public pools & sprinkler parks.

3. Enough realistic diversity in culture, race & sexual orientation that our children never even question the differences.

5. Arts, history & culture galore [zoos, museums, etc.]

Philadelphia Zoo [Photo Cred: VisitPhilly.com]

6. Amazing restaurants & bars within walking distance.

7. Festivals, fairs & family-friendly events.

8. Less driving.

Familar? [photo via quickmeme.com]

9. Playgrounds.

17. Some of the best art, music & dance education available.

19. Close access to the very best doctors & hospitals.

20. Phenomenal preschools [ex. Moonstone Preschool].

26. Universities mean access to plenty of babysitters.

29. Most of the local activity & entertainment for kids is free!

30. Recycling rewards offer free tickets to the Please Touch Museum, Franklin Institute, Academy of Natural Sciences & more!

The Infamous “Heart” Exhibit at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute

33. Amazing summer camps for budding young athletes, actors, artists & dancers.

43. Easy access to sports stadiums.

48. A real sense of independence. Things like taking the bus & subway are great life skills to learn early.

Superman! [image via memebase.com]

Read all 50 on Spit That Out‘s Blog: http://www.spitthatoutthebook.com/2013/06/top-reasons-raise-kids-city/

For further info on family-friendly options & activities in the city: http://www.kidsincentercity.com/

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