Top 5 Philadelphia Murals

Philadelphia is famous for a lot of things – the Liberty Bell, cheese-steaks, and having the largest collection of public art in the United States. Philly has many gorgeous murals,

thanks to the Murals Arts Program, which has helped to create a large array of pieces in partnership with many local organizations. These huge paintings are part of what attracts new residents to purchase Philadelphia real estate every year. Interested in seeing the top murals of the city? Take this artistic walking tour the next time your are in the following Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

1.) A Love Letter for You (Center City)-This mural series, designed by Stephen Powers and the Murals Arts Program, is situated along the route of the El and depicts many romantic murals featuring inspirational quotes and feel-good pictures. Every Valentine’s Day a special couple’s train ride allows people to get a first-hand look at these lovely murals.

2.) Frank Rizzo Mural (Bella Vista)– if you want to get a look at one of the city’s most famous mayors, stop by South 9th Street in the Italian Market to check out this famous mural.

3.) Or Does It Explode? (Art Museum)– Showcasing multiple paintings of different people illuminated by a backlight, this unique mural, located in Center City at 1900 Vine Street, is definitely worth checking out.

4.) Famous Philly Musicians (South Philly) – Want to learn about some of the famous jazz and opera singers that used to roam Philly’s streets? Head over to 11th and Federal to see this musical mural.

5.) Holding Grandmother’s Quilt (Powelton Village)– Located in West Philadelphia on the corner of North 39th and Aspen Streets, this lovely mural by Donald Gensler depicts small children holding a colorful quilt.

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