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Take a Look at the Best Old City Condos for Under $350K!

Take a Look at the Best Old City Condos for Under $350K!

Over the past few years Old City has experienced an uptick in new development.  The combination of mixed-use buildings, new construction as well as designated condo buildings there is a wide range in style and ambiance.  For those looking to take advantage of the hot market and make Old City their new residence, we put together a list of the best Old City condos for sale right now for under $350K.

Old City at a Glance

For Quite some time has been known for two things, the tourist attractions and nightlife. Between the two, thousands are drawn to Old City every week making this section of town bustling. Street festivals such as Old City Fest and Wawa Welcome America  create a festive vibe along the commercial and historical strips while low key events such as First Fridays activity  bring local art lovers together. It’s safe to say this is one of the livelier parts of town and it looks like it’s been gaining in popularity with the redevelopment of the Market East corridor. Look for Old City to be the cultural, entertainment and financial hub in the next few years.

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