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7 Grad Hospital Properties under $500k with Parking

Neighborhood Spotlight : Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia The “Southwest Center City” region spanning South St through Washington Ave, & Broad St through the Schuylkill. Now known for its popular restaurants, cafes & bars, the area emerged as a commodity after hundreds of local rehabs & renovations to existing townhomes & condos. The Graduate Hospital area generally...CONTINUE READING
Deck Collapse

Get Your Backyard Deck Inspected

Do you have a deck attached to your house? You might want to get it inspected. Every summer people get hurt due to collapsing decks. Many decks are just not built correctly and are in danger of falling apart with zero notice. There are a few basic things you can look for to spot trouble....CONTINUE READING
Philadelphia Real Estate Roof Deck

Philadelphia Homes With Roof Decks!

Spring is in the air! ¬†Days are getting longer! Wouldn’t you love to come home after a long day of work and lounge outside on your very own roof deck?¬† Perhaps one with a skyline view like the above two listings in Graduate Hospital? Right now there are 19 Graduate Hospital listings on the market...CONTINUE READING