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The housing market is recovering, the housing market is plummeting, depending on the news source…

So while perusing today’s real estate news, CNN headlines read New Home Sales Show Signs of Recovery. The article states that The Commerce Department shows an increase in sales of 31,000 units, which is much better than expected in the midst of the recession. All signs are pointing to stabilization in market conditions, which is due to...CONTINUE READING

Senate Just Approved Tax Break for Homebuyers

Great news for homebuyers out there! The Senate just voted tonight to give a tax break of up to $15,000 to homebuyers in hopes of revitalizing the housing industry.  The tax break was approved without dissent and came on a day in which Obama pushed back pointedly against Republican critics of the legislation even as...CONTINUE READING

The Reality of the U.S. Real Estate Market (must read info)

The Media During the beginning of the 21st century the media queried “when will the boom bust?” Now the daily headlines claim the American real estate markets are falling, homes are losing value, the mortgage markets have seized up and institutions are reluctant to lend against an asset declining in value. But what if the...CONTINUE READING