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5 Reasons Your Home Hasn’t Sold

Selling your home is a commitment, not a whim. The following examines particular efforts that can elevate your home’s value. If ignored, expect below market offers, asking price reductions, extended time on market, or worst of all, not sell at all. Photographers & Agents are two of your strongest allies in this challenging relocation process....CONTINUE READING

Philly’s 2nd Snowiest Winter Ever

This morning’s snowfall, calculated at been an unexpected back & forth between inclement weather & seemingly spring direction. Snowfall totals remain second to the 2009-10 winter season, a final sum of 78.7 inches. Think it’s safe to say that Philly collectively hopes we’re headed towards sunnier skies at this point. Stay warm ! – Resources...CONTINUE READING

Comcast & Time Warner Complete Merger

Reported by Philly.com, Thursday February the 13th. As discussed & rumored over the past several weeks, Comcast & Time Warner announced today that two massive companies will merge into a cable TV conglomerate. Comcast will control “the combined entity” in an “all-stock transaction valued at $45.2 billion.” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts quoted the merger as...CONTINUE READING

2014 Arrives, Winter Follows

Happy Friday Philly. Hope everyone’s keeping warm & driving safe. As you may have noticed, the Philadelphia region was hit with up to 8 inches of snow last night & this morning. The worst appears to be over, as Philly.com’s John Bolaris reports. Skies should be clear by afternoon, with some sunshine as well; however,...CONTINUE READING

Election Day 2013

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The Emergence of South Broad

South Broad Street, aka Avenue of the Arts, stands out as Philly’s cultural hub. Home of City Hall & the Kimmel Center, not to mention an endless supply of luxury condos, classy restaurants, gorgeous hotels & tasteful retail locations. It’s South Philly’s glamorous walkway to midtown. It’s the “spine of this city … it’s our...CONTINUE READING

Around the City Updates

Highlighting local developments this Fall in Philadelphia : Urban Outfitters Announces Local Expansion The popular retail line is set to expand their Philadelphia headquarters & add a distribution center in Lancaster County. The initiatives will ultimately create over 2000 new job opportunities in & around Philadelphia. ” The Awesome Fest ” launches October 18th on...CONTINUE READING

The End of the Suburbs?

Where did you grow up – urban, suburban or rural? The modern “american dream” is fashioned to include settling down in multiple-story suburban home with a 2-car garage. “Little boxes on the hillside” as the theme song of showtime series “Weeds” fittingly put it. Tree-lined sidewalks, family communities & quality public schools draw young families...CONTINUE READING

Philly’s House Flipping Increase + Presentation Strategies

During the “real estate boom” a few years ago, home flipping became a very desirable medium for investments. However, for one reason or another, this did not take off in & around Philadelphia, at the same rate as other urban areas. Prior to the aforementioned “boom,” Northeast Philly saw a very high volume of flips,...CONTINUE READING

Philadelphia Eagles Open 2013 Training Camp

The Philadelphia Eagles officially begin a new era under new Head Coach Chip Kelly, today, with the commencement of Training Camp 2013. 30 of 90 players report to camp today including rookies, quarterbacks & selected veterans. The entire team reports by Thursday, with the first full squad practice this Friday. There is no lack of...CONTINUE READING

Airport Renovations Create 300 New Jobs

Philly.com‘s Linda Loyd reports that Philadelphia Airport renovations will create an estimated 300 retail employment opportunities. The majority of job vacancies will emerge upon completion of Terminal F’s overhaul, with limited concessions openings in additional and bars. Potential opportunities range from entry level through management. So how do Philadelphia’s job-seekers go about applying? MarketPlace Philadelphia...CONTINUE READING