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Condo Building of the Week

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revisiting a blog feature from August 2012 – “Top 10 High Rise Condo Buildings,” which highlighted several of Philadelphia’s luxury properties.  This time around, we’ll take a more in-depth look at each building’s history, amenities & current vacancies. Last week, we featured the historic Society Hill Towers. This week,...CONTINUE READING

An Abandon Philadelphia Warehouse Turned into a Roller Derby Haven

We love when we see abandoned warehouses or factories turned into beautiful new things. Whether it’s an old beer distillery transformed into Philadelphia luxury condos, or North Philadelphia’s Divine Lorraine Hotel converted into Philadelphia apartments and Philadelphia lofts, seeing the old revamped into the new and modern helps to make Philadelphia a more beautiful place...CONTINUE READING

I have bad news, good news and really good news

The bad news is that in the Philly Metro area, as well as all across this great nation of ours real estate sales are down, down, down compared to July last year. It is down 36% in our whole area,  34% in Philly, but up 48% in Delaware County. Who knew? In fact, this is the lowest...CONTINUE READING

Small is the new Big, for Center City Condos

The New York state of mind regarding tiny condos located right in the heart of everything is spreading across the country.  In downtowns all over the country young urban dwellers are buying affordable home where they spend little time in and lots of time out!  Moreover, smaller homes equal not only smaller payments, but  also smaller carbon...CONTINUE READING

Philadelphia Luxury Home Market still strong

As reported last month, the most expensive condo ever sold in Philadelphia settled for $12,459,000. This is for 8,444 square-foot, 31st floor penthouse at  1706 Rittenhouse, which comes out to  over $1475 a square foot!!! So although I cannot report and other 8 figure sales, these are the 5 highest sales on the MLS (not including private or developer sales) so...CONTINUE READING

What in Philadelphia costs $12.5 Million?

A Center City Condo  That’s right! Believe it or not, a couple paid $12,459,000 for an 8,444-square-foot, 31st-floor penthouse of 1706 Rittenhouse.  This is the most expensive condo ever sold in Philadelphia and cost over $1475 a square foot.  The new owner’s occupation is as a Money Manager. Hmmm…. Other super expensive Philadelphia condos include  Media entrepreneur Chase Lenfest paid $7,678,149,...CONTINUE READING