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Top 10 Largest Employers in Philadelphia

The top 10 largest employers in Philadelphia is provided by the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2011 survey. 1. University of Pennsylvania and Health System – 31,650 employees 2. Jefferson Health System Inc. – 19,144 employees 3. Acme Markets – 14,000 employees 4. Merck & Co. Inc. – 13,000 employees 5. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – 10,190...CONTINUE READING

Lankenau Hospital Expansion

Groundbreaking for a half billion dollar expansion at Lankenau Hospital is set to begin later this week.  Located just off City Ave in Wynnewood, Lankenau is already one of the largest suburban hospitals in the region. The plans include renovation of the existing 331 bed hospital and a five story expansion that will include a...CONTINUE READING

20 Things to Know Before Moving to Philadelphia

20. We like to keep a “low pro.” Philadelphia is sandwiched right between NYC and DC and there are about 100 million people within a day’s drive. The last thing we need is everyone finding out what a great place this is to live, move here, clog up our traffic, jack up our real estate prices and start Manhattan style crowds everywhere. In fact, when the New York Times called us the 6th borough of New York a couple years ago, we collectively lost our minds. Since we recently became the fastest growing downtown in the United States, we can no longer claim we are the best kept secret on the east coast. However, we can and do avoid talking about what a wonderful place Philly is to outsiders, so if anyone asks there’s nothing here but the Liberty Bell. Thanks!CONTINUE READING