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7 Grad Hospital Properties under $500k with Parking

Neighborhood Spotlight : Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia The “Southwest Center City” region spanning South St through Washington Ave, & Broad St through the Schuylkill. Now known for its popular restaurants, cafes & bars, the area emerged as a commodity after hundreds of local rehabs & renovations to existing townhomes & condos. The Graduate Hospital area generally...CONTINUE READING

Naval Square Beating Housing Downturn!

Despite the recent housing downturn, Naval Square has remained a popular destination for condo seekers in Philadelphia. These luxury homes stock an assorted population of 900 singles mixed with empty nesters and families with children.   Families make up about 30% of Naval Square’s residents.   Buyers say the attractiveness of Naval Square is a combination of...CONTINUE READING

Booming Condo Sales in Philadelphia

Philadelphia condo sales have doubled since the first quarter of 2010.  The numbers are better than any time since the housing downturn began in 2007.  There were 604 condo sales between April 1 and June 30th in more than 200 different condo locations, the majority in Center City and surrounding neighborhoods.  The most popular of...CONTINUE READING