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Storage Units

Where to Keep Nonessential Items During a Move

So you thought you were ready for your move, until you realized that you just don’t have the space needed at your new home to house all of your belongings. What do you do? Sell your stuff, or perhaps give it away? How about instead, consider seeking out the services offered at a Philadelphia storage...CONTINUE READING

Tips to Get Organized for Your Next Move

There’s no denying it: moving is stressful.  It doesn’t get easier over time, and no matter what you do, something always breaks!  What can you do?  Fortunately, there are a few things that can make moving significantly easier on you and your household.  Here are a few tips to help you get organized for your...CONTINUE READING

Moving – KW Real Estate Tips

So you have closed on your new home and now you are ready to move! Think about your move as a series of small projects that you can begin while your home is under contract. Your move will progress as your contract and closing progress. That way, when the day comes to physically move your...CONTINUE READING

Things To Do Before You Move

Moving Checklist: Walk the streets See who lives next door Check out local hangouts Check all these things multiple times at different times If there are more than 2 for sale signs in a 3 block radius than you might be buying into a sinking market You don’t want to buy two doors down from...CONTINUE READING