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5 Reasons Your Home Hasn’t Sold

Selling your home is a commitment, not a whim. The following examines particular efforts that can elevate your home’s value. If ignored, expect below market offers, asking price reductions, extended time on market, or worst of all, not sell at all. Photographers & Agents are two of your strongest allies in this challenging relocation process....CONTINUE READING

I’d like to see my house advertised everywhere, every week. Advertising sells! Why don’t you do more advertising???

For 2 reasons: First, it so 20th Century! Today’s buyer shops on-line. They go to professional websites like centercityrealestate.com or nationally, Trulia.com or Realtor.com to virtually tour homes 24 hours a day and to view pictures of EVERY home for sale, to analyze statistics, compare prices, check out the neighborhood, review legal docs & more....CONTINUE READING

Real Trends Market Update

Here is latest quote from Real Trends Report. I would like to hear your comments. “Along with a growing number of professionals, we see positive indications  for the real estate industry. Based on the strong signals in the REAL Treads report and data gathered from arange of other sources, it appears that inventory leveling off...CONTINUE READING
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