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Philly’s House Flipping Increase + Presentation Strategies

During the “real estate boom” a few years ago, home flipping became a very desirable medium for investments. However, for one reason or another, this did not take off in & around Philadelphia, at the same rate as other urban areas. Prior to the aforementioned “boom,” Northeast Philly saw a very high volume of flips,...CONTINUE READING
Home Value

5 Simple Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

When it comes to increasing the value of a property, dollar signs flash before people’s eyes. They tend to think of big budget renovations such as overhauling the kitchen or landscaping the yard. Yet real estate gurus suggest to do exactly the opposite – performing several low-cost weekend projects instead. These simple but meaningful tasks...CONTINUE READING

Importance of Contracts & Home Improvements

Homeowners spend hundreds of billions of dollars on home improvements each year.  So its important to get what you pay for. Experts say that the best way to achieve that goal is to make sure that everything is put in a contract. “It’s amazing the number of major remodeling agreements that are based only on...CONTINUE READING

What to Upgrade Before You Sell

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Good Upgrades Before Selling: Front Door Replacement Garage Door Replacement Deck Addition Front Door                                          Garage Door                                   Deck Bad Ideas: Home Office Remodeling (you lose a bedroom) Adding a sun room (expensive, doesn’t show well, heating and cooling it expensive) Adding new bathroom This...CONTINUE READING