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5 Reasons Your Home Hasn’t Sold

Selling your home is a commitment, not a whim. The following examines particular efforts that can elevate your home’s value. If ignored, expect below market offers, asking price reductions, extended time on market, or worst of all, not sell at all. Photographers & Agents are two of your strongest allies in this challenging relocation process....CONTINUE READING
HeatSeaker Thermal Image of Home

Mobile Thermal Imaging Targeting Un-Insulated Houses

Well, this is pretty cool.  A company called Mark Group, a home-weatherization firm, is driving around our area with a mobile thermal-imaging vehicle called the HeatSeeker to target buildings that leak the most heat.  It gives you a clear cut picture of exactly what parts of your home are leaking energy so you know exactly...CONTINUE READING

Importance of Contracts & Home Improvements

Homeowners spend hundreds of billions of dollars on home improvements each year.  So its important to get what you pay for. Experts say that the best way to achieve that goal is to make sure that everything is put in a contract. “It’s amazing the number of major remodeling agreements that are based only on...CONTINUE READING

Some Quick Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you are thinking about remodeling or sprucing up your bathroom think about some of these quick and moderately priced upgrades. Replace old showerheads with a 2 in 1 model consisting of a hand shower and showerhead combo system with multiple spray selections. Shower drain options are evolving. Linear drains offer more design possibilities than...CONTINUE READING

Philadelphia Home Improvement Loan Program

If you own a home in the City of Philadelphia, you may be eligible for a home improvement loan.  It’s a great opportunity to make needed repairs and improvements on your property with no equity or home appraisal requirements. The features of the loan include: Low fixed rates, 3% APR and 5% APR Interest is...CONTINUE READING

3 Important Tips for Online Home Improvement

Finding a contractor: Focus on sites that center on consumer ratings.  There are hundreds of positive and negative testimonials from REAL customers. Don’t be fooled by sites with ads and anonymous postings that only look exceptionally positive. Evaluating a contractor: Don’t always believe what you see on the internet. Go see current and completed jobs...CONTINUE READING