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Top Reasons to Raise Kids in Philadelphia

Combating the common notion that families must settle down in the suburbs, the writers at “Split That Out” Blog compiled a thorough list of the “Top 50 Reasons to Raise Kids in Philadelphia.” With varying reasons from culture, to food, to cost of living, and transportation, S.T.O. did a really great job highlighting the benefits...CONTINUE READING

Visit most any museum for FREE this Saturday, 9/25

Thanks to the Smithsonian Institute, almost every museum in the U.S. is celebrating MUSEUM DAY by providing free admission for those with a free printed ticket from http://microsite.smithsonianmag.com/museumday/admission.html?2010 Just click on this site, pick your museum and they will e-mail you a free ticket for 2 for this Saturday, September 25th!  We hope you are able to attend this great...CONTINUE READING