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10 Reasons to Live in Philadelphia This Summer

Local attractions, amenities & specials adding that extra spice to our city of brotherly love … — # 1 – Center City Sips Citywide happy hour specials every Wednesday evening, all summer long ! June 4th – August 28th / 5 – 7 pm weekly $3 beer, $4 wine, & $5 cocktails Sponsored by Center...CONTINUE READING

Night Market Dates Revealed (Updated)

The wildly successful event series returns to various pockets of urban Philadelphia throughout this summer. Night Market preps to revisit 2 of last year’s locations, along with 2 debuts in new neighborhoods as well (4 events total, spanning May through October). For those unfamiliar with Night Market, brought to you by The Food Trust, the...CONTINUE READING

Combine a robust bar scene with affordable real estate and you’ve got the New York Times writing about Philadelphia Real Estate, AGAIN!

Breweries of Brotherly Love By Betsy Andrews, The New York Times, January 18, 2009 ONE of William Penn’s first tasks was to build a brewhouse. Following a trend of the time, the founder of Philadelphia opened a private brewery in the 1680s at his nearby Pennsbury Manor. By the 1880s, there were almost 100 commercial...CONTINUE READING