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Suburban Station is Undergoing a “Major Retail Reboot”!


Suburban Station is Undergoing a “Major Retail Reboot”!


In a recent story that was published on Philly.com, new plans were rolled out to give Suburban Station a major retail reboot which includes new food vendors, retailers, and other services. AthenianRazak is the real-estate services firm behind the planned renovations that will cost $3.75 million.

It’s been roughly 15 years since Suburban Station has seen any type of upgrade.  Since then many commuters that rush to their trains have not found the station to be inviting.  SEPTA looks to change this, in hopes to appeal to the 100,000 daily commuters that pass through Suburban Station.  The emphasis will be on providing better food options.  Currently the station houses 20 retailers.  AthenianRazak’s plans include an expansion to 30 to 35 with the majority being food vendors.

SEPTA general manager Jeff Knueppel told Philly.com, “Today’s sophisticated commuter is really looking for those things,” he said. “It’s not like the past, where someone is half asleep coming in the morning and running home at night. Now, they’re interested in stopping and getting food, or meeting a friend there. It’s something that people are really expecting — they want more of an experience at the train station.”

The overhaul is expected to take place soon and be completed with a series of phases over the next several months as to not completely block off the retail corridors.  The change of Suburban Station is a testament to Center City’s growth as well as the change of taste of residents and visitors alike. Folks are generally looking for more quality options when it comes to both dining and traditional retail.  Providing this at such a convenient location shows SEPTA’s willingness to hear commuter’s demands and meet them.



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