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Steps You Can Take to Make Moving Into a New Neighborhood Much Easier

Steps You Can Take to Make Moving Into a New Neighborhood Much Easier


Visit the Neighborhood at Different Times

Prior to moving, drive around your perspective new neighborhood different times of day.  Take a ride early in the morning, afternoon and at night.  This will give you a better understanding of how the neighborhood vibe is at all times of the day.  Also, it will give you a good indication of what the parking situation is as well as the noise level of the block.


Attend Neighborhood Meetings

Show your new neighbors and local constituents that you care about the quality of life in the neighborhood by attending council meetings, zoning meetings and neighborhood watch.  Not only will you quickly get acclimated with the neighborhood, you’re also getting a better sense of the culture and nuances that come with living there.  In addition, you’ll know who the proprietors are, who’s looking to develop and what to expect from potential projects may increase or decrease the value of your home.


Volunteer For Cleanups

Many neighborhoods organize their own clean-ups.  Get involved.  Volunteer and help clean up the streets, local park or common areas.  It will help you to get to know neighbors and what’s even more valuable, it will show that you take pride in living there.


Patronize Local Businesses

Do you really need to drive to Walmart for cleaning supplies?  Do you need to go to Starbucks for coffee?  What about Denny’s for breakfast?  Try patronizing the businesses in your immediate neighborhood.  Many times you’ll get superior products, customer services and overall buying experience.  At the same time you’re helping to stimulate the economy and getting to know your local businesses owners. At the end of the day they are invested in the neighborhood just as much as you.

Get Involved With the Local School/Clubs

If you have children, consider taking on a role at the local school.  Administration is always on the look out for chaperons and volunteers as well as mentors.  Getting involved with schools helps to get to know other parents and residents and offer opportunities to make a difference in kid’s lives.

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