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The Secret to Deal Estate

Real estate has been a great investment since there were gardens in Eden.  However, appreciation was generally contained to about 4-6% annually.  By any standard, this is considered an excellent return, but since the turn of the century to about 2 years ago appreciation was in the double and sometimes triple digits (see chart below). 

During this period, it was not a good time to invest, everyone was talking about the real estate bubble, yet most people were buying anyway.  Conversely, at this moment, it is an excellent time to buy because of selection, reasonable prices, incentives and interest rates, yet a much smaller percentage of people are buying.  However, it includes professional real estate investors like, Donald Trump, who stated he is loading up his real estate portfolio.  A savvy investor has a loyal agent searching the market for them all day to find deals and steals. In Philadelphia, that investor is working with the award-winning Atacan Group and is getting new listings daily from www.CenterCityRealEstate.com that meet their strict criteria.  Contact us for more information.






















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