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Philly Amongst Top Metros for Millennial Postgrads

Center City, Philadelphia Amongst Top Postgrad. Hubs Nationwide

Additional data emerges supporting significant millennial urbanization growth locally. 


Photo Credit: Young Involved Philadelphia

  1. New York City, NY
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. Chicago, IL
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Philadelphia, PA

According to Philly.com reports [late last month], Philadelphia ranks sixth amongst major metropolitans attracting postgraduate millennials [mid-20s to mid-30s], with at least a bachelor’s degree. Urbanization amongst this demographic has emerged as a nationwide trend in the past decade, with largely positive implications “fueling economic growth and stimulating [urban] revitalization.” From 2000-2010, educated millennials in Center City, Philadelphia increased by 78%. Within this niche, the most significant growth spikes occurred “within a three mile radius of Center City,” known as “close-in urban neighborhoods.” This area housed concentrated growth from 28K [in 2000], to over 50K postgrad. millennials, by 2010.

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Data Credit: Philly.com

Sources: Sam WoodPhilly.com.

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