The All New TORC Yoga Studio Is Opening in Old City!

The All New TORC Yoga Studio Is Opening in Old City!

TORC Yoga is opening their first studio next month and they are holding a special preview party with friends, media and of course, yogis of Philadelphia! This fun and exciting celebration is happening Friday, November 3 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at their newly renovated studio in Old City (31 South 2nd Street). You don’t wanna miss getting a first look at their gorgeous new studio – food and drinks will be provided.

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Co-Owner and Creator, Sheena Ohlig, describes what makes TORC Yoga so unique:  “TORC Yoga’s unique approach, Tactical Vinyasa, addresses several elements of fitness required for the active body, such as endurance, muscle stamina, agility, mobility, flexibility, and power. We work through the flow utilizing breath manipulation to develop focus, movement repetition to reinforce the mind muscle connection and pose/counter pose progressions for a balanced intentional practice  to strengthen the mind and body.”

Kristin Monzo, Co-Owner and Creator, explains that, “TORC Yoga is a physical practice that will appeal to yogis, athletes, runners, weight lifters, cross fitters…  everyone, really.”  The TORC Executive Team tells us, “We saw the need to build our foundation here and can’t wait for Old City to become TORC’s first official home. We plan to expand in various locations across the nation.