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Jet Wine Bar, Philadelphia’s “global vineyard,” is excited to announce the launch of a new Time-Traveler Tasting series, featuring six classes that delve into the history and stories behind a carefully selected lineup of wines – kicking off this Tuesday, January 9th.

Jill Weber, Jet Wine Bar Owner and Wining Archaeologist, will taste guests through five different wines while transporting imbibers to a different time and place, think 13th-17th century Germany, Julius Caesar’s Conquest of Gaul and Olympic Games host cities through the years.


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“Our tasting series is designed for the explorers and adventurers among us who are excited about experiencing new wines and all of the stories behind them,” said Weber. “Our tastings will transport you to the past as we dig deep into the history of the wine, the region, and the people who make it.”

The classes range from $35-$50 based on the selection of wine and includes light snacks plus 15% off the guest’s bar tab if they choose to stay after the class. A select number of bottles of tasted wines will be available for purchase to-go.

Guests will taste the wines while discovering fun facts and peculiar histories of each wine’s locale. But wine isn’t only about history and tradition – guests will also get a peek into the future with up-and-coming regions, winemakers, and techniques.

The full class schedule is below:

 Jan 9th (SOLD OUT): Germany | Hussites, Hansa, and Holstentor

Jan 30thIn the beginning… Drinking the origins of wine

Feb 20thThe Olympics | Athens! Chamonix! Barcelona!

Mar 13thIdes of March | Follow Caesar from Gaul to Rome

Apr 3rdOn this day… April 3rd through the years

Apr 26thAll the Weird Ones | Unusual grapes

Tickets for each class can be purchased here.

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Jet Wine Bar, Philadelphia’s “global vineyard” asks guests to think globally, drink locally. Jet offers meats, cheeses, small plates, sandwiches, and snacks to complement their unique, diverse selection of wines from around the world. Jet Wine Bar opened in November 2010 as the love child of an archaeologist, Jill Weber, and an engineer, Evan Malone. Their goal was to bring a friendly, accessible wine bar to a great neighborhood. The power couple went on to open sister restaurants, Rex 1516 and Cafe Ynez, eventually forming Sojourn Restaurant Group in 2017. Jet serves dinner, brunch and snacks — Mon-Fri, 4pm-1am, Sat-Sun, 11am-1am. Jet Wine Bar can be found at 1525 South St., Philadelphia PA. For more info., visit