5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For the Spring Market

How to Prepare Your Home For the Spring Market


The spring market is without a doubt the busiest time for real estate.  Homeowners are shaking off the winter blues and looking forward to listing their homes to a flurry of activity.  However, just because you are listing your home in the spring does not guarantee the best results.  In order to maximize your potential net earnings there are a few tips you can follow.  Some of these may seem very simple but these obvious measure are many times overlooked, costing sellers hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  So if you’re looking to list your home in the next coming months, here are a few steps you should follow:


Start Interviewing Agents Now

Finding the right agent for the job is important.  Homes don’t always sell themselves, you need an experienced agent that will put your home in its best light.  Look at the agents track record.  View past listings of the agent.  Did they use quality photographers?  Did they close the deal in a decent timeframe? Were their last deals closed at or above asking?  These are just some of the questions you need to know in order to maximize your potential.


Prep Your Home Now

The spring market moves fast.  So it is better to start preparing your home now.  Start to de-clutter your home and de-personalize it.  Try and make the home as neutral as possible and change any radical paint colors or decor.  Sometimes buyers have a hard time getting past the cosmetic features of a home.


Start Making Repairs Now

If you know there are issues with the home, start making those repairs now.  Taking care of issues now will save you hundreds if not thousands in negotiation costs.  Many times buyer estimates over overly estimated in terms of cost or repairs during the inspection period.  Why wait for a buyers inspector to pick up on something you can address now.  Leave little to no room for repair negotiations.



Do Your Homework

Don’t wait until a real estate agent comes to evaluate your home, do your research and know the temperature of the market.  Not all neighborhoods are selling as quickly and not all home types are highly desirable.  Look into past sales and determine how well you believe your home will fair in the spring market.  You can get a good idea or how to price your home and just how much home improvement you should do to get the best ROI.


Prepare to Price Your Home In The Market

The sentimental value of a home sometimes clouds the judgment of sellers.  This is the time to set realistic expectations on selling a home.  It doesn’t matter how hot the market is, if your home isn’t priced right in the market, it will sit.  Buyers are not only looking for the right home, they are looking for the best deals on the right home.  The more traction your home has in terms of showings the more likely you’ll receive offers.  The more offers the higher the possibility for a bidding war and this is when you can potentially receive an offer at or above asking price.


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