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Housing Market in Wintry Months

Normally spring is when the real estate market is really hot.  This is often due to the fact that a big portion of buyers and sellers are families with schoolchildren and they want to make a deal with time to move in and get settled before the start of the next school year.  But that’s just one segment of homebuyers.  There are still those who for many different reasons want to get a deal done during the winter.  This market is generally smaller but the buyers and sellers within it often tend to be more serious and motivated to close a deal.

Obviously there are certain obstacles involved when putting a house on the market during the winter.  The snow and gloomy gray skies demote the attractiveness and buyers might struggle to get around on icy sidewalks and have trouble finding street parking during their housing hunt.  Keeping the house clean while people constantly track in snow and road salt is a tricky task as well.

But that’s why winter can be a good time for buyers, and here are a few of the most obvious benefits:

  • High probability to find a better price because of less competition in a small market
  • Sellers become more flexible when the house has been on the market a long time
  • Mortgage processing tends to be faster with less people applying.
  • Ability to sense draftiness of the house and see how well the heat works.

So to all you potential winter buyers out there… remember any time is a good time to buy the right real estate!

Check out the philly.com article for more on selling homes in wintry months.

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