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Holiday Season Parking Exceptions

PPA will not enforce expired meters on Saturdays between Thanksgiving & New Years.

Further details below.


Photo Credit : Steve Ives / Hole in the Clouds

In an effort to promote holiday season tourism & city consumption, the Philadelphia Parking Authority is working with Mayor Michael Nutter & city officials to provide further leeway regarding weekend parking in Philadelphia. On November 30th, PPA Executive Director Vince Fenerty announced that “expired meter violations will not be enforced on Saturdays between Thanksgiving and New Year’s after 11 a.m.” In addition, local parking garages will offer a special $8 rate on Saturdays between 11 am & 5 pm. The parking authority & city officials are pleased to contribute to “spreading the holiday joy and encouraging shoppers to patronize local Philadelphia merchants during this festive holiday season.”

Looks like xmas came early for us this year Philly !

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