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Here’s a Short List of What DIY Improvements You Should Do Before Selling Your Home

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Here’s a Short List of What DIY Improvements You Should Do Before Selling Your Home


Paint and Refresh Walls

Walls dictate what buyers are going to experience when walking through a home.  Stained, cracked or damaged walls will send red flags to buyers. They can lead to assumptions of an unkept property, lack of care, underlying issues and they’ll think about how much time they’ll need to spend painting and spackling.  So invest in some spackle, paint and tools to get the job done.  Perhaps you had a leak in the roof and fixed the issue but didn’t address the spot that shows water damage.  These things can scare off buyers.  Make sure the home has a fresh coat of paint.


Makes Sure All Lighting is Working and Have Fresh Bulbs

Be sure to invest in simple things such as light bulbs.  Perhaps buyers can only visit during evening hours.  This will ensure the home is well lit and gives the impression that the home is maintained and sellers give attention to details.


Remove Worn Out Carpeting

If you happen to have hardwoods under the carpet it may be wise to use a weekend to rip out carpeting to expose the protect hardwoods underneath.  Perhaps the hardwoods need a new coat to bring them back to life.  These are all DIY projects or can be done with decent budget.

Address Curb Appeal

Maintain any shrubbery and plants to make your curb appeal pop.  Consider planting colorful flowers during warm weather months to make the walk up more inviting.  Simple details such as window flower beds, extra lighting as well as addressing things such as a shaky banister can make a difference.


Make Sure Doorknobs and Locks are Functioning

Small issues like this show up on inspections and can add up quickly.  So address things such as faulty locks or broken door knobs.  Addressing these yourself will be far less expensive than the estimates they’ll give you during inspections.


Change Filters and Address Vents

Sometimes big HVAC issues can be addressed with small things such as changing air filters.  Be sure to check your filters and check your vents for blockage.  You want to make sure your heating and cooling is in tip top shape.

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