Here are 6 Things Sellers Should Be Doing to Have a Successful Open House

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Here are 6 Things Sellers Should Be Doing to Have a Successful Open House

As the busy spring market approaches more homeowners will be looking to put their homes on the market.  They’ll go through the motions to find an agent, place their home on the market and hope for the best.  However, many fail to not only properly prep their home for sale, sellers often neglect the little things to ensure a successful open house.  Sure you’ll have some lookie-loos but during the course of an open house you’ll be entertaining some serious buyers.  Many of these potential buyers have already done their homework.  They looked into the neighborhood, judged your price point, and have done comps.  The only thing stopping them from placing a potential offer is the presentation of the home.  Here’s how you can maximize your home’s potential during an open house.


Vet Your Agent

The agent sets the tone from the door, literally.  Many times visitors attend opens with their own agents so it’s important to establish a good relationship from the jump.  Your agent who represents you should be personable and cordial.  Open house agents should also be knowledgeable not only about the home they are selling but also the local market.  In addition your agent should have an established follow-up system to ensure that no leads are wasted.


Address Repairs

This cannot be stated enough.  Although many repairs may be cosmetic or minor to you, visitors are tallying up dollar signs in their head.  What may seem like a $10 fix to you may be stretched to hundreds by potential buyers.  Eliminate the fear of buying into a lemon and address repairs prior to open houses.  Small things such as loose doorhandles, leaky faucets, and chipped paint can go a long way.


Show Off Your Repairs

If you’ve done extensive work to your home show it off with a nice presentation that visitors can view.  An easy way this can be established is by creating a photo album with before and after pictures documenting the work you’ve done.  When buyers can visualize and see the care and effort you put into a home, it goes a long way.


Be Upfront With Your Information

It may not be a bad idea to have a seller’s disclosure form readily available at your open.  It shows honesty and transparency.  Maybe a visitors notices signs of a leak in the roof.  A sellers disclosure will show that you have acknowledged the issue and it already has been addressed.  This can put many worries at ease.


Make Your Home Inviting

Buyers need to envision themselves in your home.  Make sure that there aren’t any foul odors.  Plugin or electrical scented air fresheners are your safest and best bet.  Traditional candles can be a hazard.  In addition de-clutter and de-personalize your home.   Make sure all walkways are clear and all doorways and windows are accessible.


Have Mechanical Maintenance Logs Readily Available

It would be a good ideal to have the mechanics of your home serviced prior to putting it on the market.  This means addressing things such as your  HVAC  system, plumbing, electrical etc.   If you have recently had any of these things addressed, have a log of the maintenance readily available for visitors to go over.  Knowing that the mechanics have been addressed can make the buyers more confident in placing an offer.



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