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Check Out These Stunning Philadelphia Converted Churches

Feature Image via Conrad Benner/ Phillymag.com


When it comes to commercial real estate many potential buyers and investors tend to shy away from church properties.  Although the square footage is usually more than ample space needed to run moderate to large scale businesses, many lack the vision and foresight to realize the potential  of a converted church.

Often constructed with architectural features such as arched windows and doorways as well as vaulted ceilings, these aesthetics are often highlighted in jaw dropping conversions whether it be a business or home. However, several local residents had the foresight to hop on the growing trend of church conversions. Philadelphia converted churches are not as common compared to other larger metropolitan cities such as New York or London which have garnered attention from national news outlets.

Among the few Philadelphia converted churches are three very impressive transformations that showcase the potential a church has in both residential and workspace.  Check them out.

Former Luthern Slavic Church

Art Museum | Residential (Units still available)












Modern and sleek meek old world architecture in this gorgeous converted church located in the Art Museum section of town. What used to be an old Slavic church are now modern condos with dramatic arched cielings and all of bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-end condo.



Former Siloam United Methodist Church

Fishtown | Residential/Commercial


Image via Conrad Benner/ Phillymag.com


Image via Conrad Benner/ Phillymag.com













Churches provide ample space to create studios and other types of work space Image via Conrad Benner/ Phillymag.com


Originally built in the mid-1870’s the 10,000 sq. ft. Siloam United Methodist Church had awesome features including two story stained glass windows, 50-foot vaulted ceilings, a majestic pipe organ.  Normally these features aren’t on the short list of home owners.  However, the current home owner found the space to be worth the investment and currently resides on the property as well as run his photography business in the ample space.


Former Holy Church of Christ/Sunday School House

Roxborough | Residential


Image via Laura Kicey/Phillymag.com


Image via Laura Kicey/Phillymag.com













With a gaping hole in the rough and other unimaginable rehab projects the owners of this beautifully restored church took over the property after it had been abandoned for over 40 years.  The results were nothing short of amazing.  Adding a few personal touches, this Philadelphia converted church feels both inviting and homey.



Here are other jaw-dropping church conversions from around the world:


Former Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion

NYC | Commercial


Images via Lisa Elaine Held/Wellandgood.com

One of the most astonishing transformation and #1 on our list is the David Barton Gym in the chic Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.  Known for their eye-popping ultra modern designs, David Barton has made a name for itself as one of the most trendiest gyms in America.  Although they will not be converting a church in Philly, they do plan on setting up shop this summer at the historic Drexel Building at 1435 Walnut St.


Former Presbyterian church

North London | Commercial


Image via Business Insider Leon Neal/AFP/File/Dawn.com

In Europe it isn’t uncommon for churches to be converted into bars. Here is a bar at O’Neills pub, pictured in a former Presbyterian church in Muswell Hill, north London, on January 16, 2014.  Converting churches into bars and concert halls is a common practice in Europe.  This unorthodox trend is picking up steam here in the U.S.



Former Madonna della Neve Church

Cuomo Italy | Commercial


Image via Di Martino for callmejorgebergoglio.com

Here’s an original idea, a church converted into a car garage proving the possibilities are endless.



Church of Palms

Brisbane, Australia | Residetial

Church-craft1945blogspot-Willis Greenhalgh Architects wide interior

Image via Willis-GreenHalgh/homedsgn.com

The cathedral ceilings add to the dramatic effect at this converted church which was originally built in 1867.


 St. Jokabus Church

Utrecht, Holland |  Residential


Cozy yet spacious. Converted churches create one-of-a-kind vibes (Image via factscodesign.com)


St. Denys-du-Plateau Church

Quebec | Commercial


Image via Joop Van Putten/Gizmodo

Anyone need a good book to read? This church was converted into a dazzling bookstore


Looking for a blank canvas here in Philly? Check out this Philadelphia Church waiting to be converted! Can you see the potential?


1535 N 7th-MLS-11

The large stained glass windows and balcony would make for a perfect loft bedroom or work studio

1535 N 7th-MLS-10

This church located at 1535 N. 7th St. has plenty of room, leaving room for a world of possibilities

1535 N 7th-MLS-13

The exterior of this church at 1535 N. 7th St. has tons of character

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