Back to School Sales: Here are 6 Homes for Sale Near UPenn

Back to School Sales: Here are 6 Homes for Sale Near UPenn

Okay so August is already which means summer will soon come to a close. Although the good news is that we get closer to football season, the downside is that summer will be winding down soon.  Philadelphia tends to become a little more vibrant in the fall due to the influx of students and faculty returning from summer break (or coming into the city for the first time).  For many upper classmen and graduate students finding housing can be a burden.  However, not everyone considers the alternative to renting.  In fact in many cases buying a home makes more sense not to mention it can also be cheaper.  To highlight the opportunities we will be going college to college and putting together lists of homes that students or faculty could potentially purchase.  So for those looking to plant roots in Philadelphia or simply looking for investment opportunities, here are 6 homes for sale near the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel.



1 Bed | 1 Bath



2 Bed | 2 Bath




3 Bed | 3.1 Bath




5 Bed | 2 Bath




5 Bed | 2 Bath




3 Bed | 2 Bath


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