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Assessment Appeal Deadline Today

Quick heads up

for Philadelphia area property owners. The city’s deadline for assessment appeals is today, Monday October 7th. If you believe the assessed value of your property is incorrect, we recommend filing for an appeal with the Board of Revision of Taxes, by 4:30 pm. Their office is located at The Curtis Center, 601 Walnut St. Suite 325 Philadelphia, PA 19106.

According to the board’s website, appeals should prove one of the following :

  • The estimated market value of your property is too high or too low
  • The estimated market value of your property is not uniform with similar surrounding properties
  • The characteristics of your property that affect its value are substantially incorrect

Appeal Filing Instructions & Application [PDF] : http://www.phila.gov/brt/PDF/AppealFormandInstructions.pdf

For further information, head to the Board of Revision of Taxes’ appeals page : http://www.phila.gov/brt/appeals/Pages/default.aspx

Reference :

Board of Revision of Taxes [Philadelphia]

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