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6 Investment Properties in Newbold for Under $250K

6 Investment Properties in New Bold for Under $250K

The ever expanding Center City district has been pushing north for sometime as well as heading south.  Neighborhoods on the fray of downtown such as Graduate Hospital and Point Breeze have become more walkable and have been attracting new businesses to boost their appeal.  South Philadelphia is quickly emerging as a hotbed for investors looking to take advantage of the booming real estate market.  Sandwiched between East Passyunk and Point Breeze sits a slice of Philadelphia that often gets overlooked.  With its prime location along the Broad St. Line, Newbold is easily accessible and is still in its “up-and coming” phase.  This makes Newbold an idea location for those looking to invest.  So if you’re in the market for an investment property or looking to purchase a home with potential for equity, check out our list of 6 Investment Properties in Newbold for Under $250K. (Note: listings below are that of brokerages throughout Philadelphia).

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