6 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure While You’re Away Labor Day Weekend

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure While You’re Away Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is fast approaching and if you’re like many, plans for a weekend getaway is in the works.  This is the time to get your last summer “hoorah” in before we start to usher in the fall.  Although summer is not technically over for another month or so, Labor Day is the unofficial end to the dog days of summer.  Before you start to get too wrapped up in your vacation plans there are a few details you must take care of first, mainly your home.  It’s all too common for folks to not think about preparing their home for vacation especially during popular holidays such as Labor Day weekend.

So if you’re looking for ways to keep home base secure aside from just having an alarm, follow these simple tips.


Get Timers For Your Lights

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This is something that is a good investment for all future vacations no matter how short or long.  A home that appears to be occupied is less susceptible to break-ins.  Having timers that turn lights on and off at various times of day, will give the illusion that the owners are home.


Stop Your Mail

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Depending on how long you plan to go away, perhaps using vacation hours to extend your Labor Day trip, you may want to stop mail.  Post offices can hold mail from 3 to 30 days.  So if you’re planning to be gone for up to a week or more, it’s the perfect time to set this up.  Also,  have someone swing by periodically to collect those pesky flyers left at your door.  Your home will give more of an impression of it being occupied with less mail and flyer clutter.


Get a House/Pet Sitter

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Maybe you have a pet and can’t bring them along to your vacation. Invest in a pet sitter.  Someone that can either periodically stop by to check up on your pet or someone that can stay at your home while you’re away.  Either way this is a great investment to not only keep your home safe but also your pet as well.

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Don’t Announce Your Vacation

With social media it’s easy to fall into the trap of broadcasting your trip and going on Facebook live to show just how much fun you’re having.  The truth is that these actions are almost like an invitation to your empty home.  There’s nothing wrong with posting photos once you’ve returned from vacation.


Secure Valuables

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Sounds simple but many people overlook this important detail.  Don’t leave jewelry or other valuables out in the open.  Secure them in safes or well hidden places in your home.  It is especially important not to have valuables in plain sight of windows in which people can look in.


Disconnect Electronics and Garage Door Opener

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This is more on the safety precaution side of things but be sure to disconnect electronics that will not be in use.  Appliances and gadgets such as coffee makers, TVs, computers, etc. should all be unplugged as it protects from surges as well.  It is also a smart idea to disconnect the garage door opener to prevent someone from using a universal remote.