6 Useful Tips to Help Sell a Vacant Home

6 Useful Tips to Help Sell a Vacant Home

So you’re looking to sell your home or property but at the moment it is vacant.  A good agent will recognize that treating a vacant home the same as an occupied home is a mistake.  Vacant homes need a different approach and mindset when selling.  Here are 6 useful tips to help sale a vacant home.


Make Sure Someone Has an Eye on It.

If you’re friends with one of the neighbors, let them know that you’re selling the home and ask them to help keep an eye on things.  In addition you can request the local police department to do random drive bys to ensure the property is okay.  The more eyes you have on the home the better.


Maintain the Curb Appeal

Don’t let the property’s curb appeal fall to the wayside.  This could be a turn off for potential buyers.  It sets a president and mindset that if the seller is not willing to upkeep the yard then everything is is being neglected as well.  This may not be the case but buyers are always on the lookout for red flags.


Stage the Home

Sometimes buyers have a hard time envisioning furniture in the room or need help to determine functionality.  Staging a home helps buyers to scale the room and determine if their furniture will fit.  In addition, it will allow them to see spaces in a new light or perspective.  Great staging goes a long way.  Consult with your agent to find a quality staging company in your area.


Make Sure the Home is Secure

If you vacated the home, it would be wise to keep the alarm system functioning. Also, be certain to ensure all windows and doors are locked after every showing.  Sometimes agents can get careless when showing a home or perhaps buyers themselves forget to lock doors and windows.  So it would be a good idea for you or someone you trust to check windows and doors after each showing.


Retrieve Mail

Don’t let mail pile up.  Make it a habit to swing by every 2-3 days to retrieve mail so that the home doesn’t give away any indications that it is stilling unattended for long periods of time.  Always try and give the appearance that you are frequently checking up on the home.


Try and Maintain a Reasonable Temperature

Buyers not only need to feel comfortable when touring a home, they also want to know that the heating and or cooling is working properly.  Knowing that the furnace or AC is working perfectly will help ease the mind of buyers so they have one less thing to worry about.

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