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5 Things That Philly Millennials Look For When Purchasing a Home That You May Not Beware of

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5 Things That Philly Millennials Look For When Purchasing a Home That You May Not Beware of


Designated Work Spaces

As Philly’s tech scene continues to grow, more and more folks are working remotely.  The ideal of 9-5 hours in the office are becoming a thing of yesteryear. Now jobs can be done with limited office hours or completely from home.  Those that fall into this demographic want a home with a designated work space.  A space away from distractions and a place where they can get business done.  Spare bedrooms may not always suffice.  Sometimes you will have to go the extra mile to make sure a area is office friendly which includes plenty of outlets, great lighting, a view, spacious to accommodate office furniture and in a quite area of the home.


Low Maintenance Outdoor Space

Millennials like outdoor spaces that are great for entertaining.  Whether it’s a rooftop deck or fenced in yard, the added bonus of the extra living space makes a home highly desirable.  However, for the busy millennial, yard work isn’t usually on their to-do list.  So grassy lawns or large trees that shed leaves may be a turn off.



In the city square footage comes at a premium so making every inch count is important.  Whether it’s tables that fold off of walls, built in shelves, or pocket doors, maximizing space is at the top of the to to list.



Millennials are not just looking for amenities in the home but also outside as well.  Things such as gyms, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. all play a major role.  Having a home near trendy areas where millennials gather is important so be sure to make potential buyers aware of all the cool businesses in the area.  If you’re hosting an open house consider making a simple slide show on a thumb drive to insert into your smart tv to play while visitors tour.


Space for Creativity

Whether it’s painting, photography, or tech savvy hobbies, having the extra space for millennials to indulge in hobbies and create is important.  Perhaps a finished basement or attic can go a long way for millennial buyers.  Stage it so they can envision theme-selves utilizing the space for their creative endeavors.  It’s all in the presentation.

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