5 Reasons Why Buying a Home in The Winter Is Actually a Smart Decision

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5 Reasons Why Buying a Home in The Winter Is Actually a Smart Decision


Less Buyers Means Less Bidding Wars

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Buyers in general tend to wait until the spring market and summer months to shop for homes.  With the increase in buyers, comes the increase in competition.  Which in turn means that buyers during the spring and summer months have a higher probability of finding themselves in bidding wars.  However, in colder conditions during the fall and winter, there tends to be less buyers which means you can take your time to make your decision and you’ll be less stressed about losing a home in bidding wars.


You Get to See How Insulated the Home Is

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During warmer seasons just about every home feels comfortable and insulated.  It’s very hard to gauge just how well a home holds its insulation and integrity when not faced with bad weather.   When touring homes during the winter you’ll be able to check for drafty windows and doors and check for insulation.  If a home has very drafty windows, this means your heating bills can be sky high.  With this knowledge you may be able to negotiate window replacements or credits from the seller for new windows or better insulation.  Something you would have not have gotten during the summer.

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Check For Leaks and Roof Integrity

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Winter time in the region means snow and ice storms.  While you may be inclined to stay home, it’s actually a good time to check out properties right after a storm.  With snow and ice accumulated on and around the property you’ll be able to discover issues such as shoddy roof work, leaky basements as well as foundation issues.  These are all thinks that would go unnoticed on a perfect spring day.


Check Utility Bills

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Something many buyers tend to overlook are utilities.  When budgeting for affordability of a home, many folks do not take into consideration utility bills, especially the cost to keep a home heated.  Sellers in the summer time may tend to not old bills on file, however this excuse won’t fly when it’s actually winter.   You’ll be able to examine and factor in home heating costs.  Very high bills are red flags for issues with HVAC systems or insulation.

Sellers Are Usually More Motivated

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There’s a reason why homes are on the market during the winter.  Although, some sellers may not have any pressing matters and just simply want to sell, others may be in a position where they not only have to see but sell quickly.  Always try and find the back story to why the owners are selling.  A motivated seller means more room for negotiation and quicker closings.