5 Reasons Why Your Agent Should Be Social Media Savvy

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5 Reasons Why Your Agent Should Be Social Media Savvy


Consumer Want The Options to Come to Them On Their Own Time

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Every market is ran by consumers.  When it comes to the demand side of transactions buyers expect opportunities to be presented to them with as much information as possible in a digestive format.  Social media does just that.  As a selling agent, social media is one of the best tools to market a home.  Reason being is that you have total control of how the listing is presented and who sees the listing.  Instead of shotgun blasting a listing out to the world, a savvy agent can leverage social media to pinpoint and target the best possible buyers.  From income, to acquired tastes, and profession can all be targeted.


Sales and Marking Go Hand-in-Hand

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Back in the day corporate America offices had a defined sales department and a defined marketing department.  Now those lines are being blurred because you have to be great in one in order to excel in the other.  Social media is the ultimate marketing tool to help excel in sales.  It can be used to pour in leads through lead forms, help sell the area by showcasing local business as well as highlight the features of the home that would otherwise gone unnoticed with traditional advertising.  Social media also helps “humanize” the sale.  Instead of a faceless entity buying or selling, it allows consumers to gradually connect with agents on a more personal level rather than having to make crucial decisions on the spot.


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It Saves Time & Money

Let’s face it, folks are just more busy this day in age than ever before.  From multiple jobs, traveling, or handing both work and school we may not have time to shop for a home the traditional way.  Besides not every home looks looks as great as the photos posted online.  A savvy social media agent can actually be beneficial especially for buyers .  An agent can do a video walkthrough and present a pseudo virtual tour for their clients in which they can decide if they’d like to check it out in person.

Look Around, Everyone is On Their Phones

The next time you’re out in public among a large group of people, take a look around.  Everyone is in their phones and on social media.  Wouldn’t you love to have the home your selling in front of those eyes? If you’re a buyer imagine your dream home popping up when scrolling down your Facebook timeline.  Well a savvy social media agent can make that happen.

For sellers, video tours, engaging Snapchat stories, Facebook ads, as well as Instagram hashtags can all be savvy to get your home noticed and stand out from other homes on the market.  Saving everyone time and money. Websites across the board are seeing a spike in mobile traffic and it’s predicted to surpass desktop traffic very soon.  You’ll need an agent that’s aware of these trends.


They Know How to Find & Leverage Opportunities

Some folks get a job or take on a position and just go through the motion and are satisfied with the status quo.  While others search for new and upcoming trends. These folks become the leaders in their respective field.  A position such as real estate does not come with set 9 to 5 hours.  Agents that are successful tend to continually educate themselves and look for tools and technology to keep them ahead of the curve, making their clients happy.