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5 Homebuyer Turnoffs To Avoid


Steer clear to Attract buyers & expedite time on market!

1.) Dirty, cluttered homes.

  • Spotless for showings.
  • The name of the game = curb appeal. From the outside in.
  • Explore staging options & professional photography.

2.) Wallpaper.

  • “Universal truth: homebuyers hate wallpaper.”
  • Replace with neutral-colored paintjob.
  • Open canvas for buyers to make home their own!

3.) Hovering Sellers.

  • Do not attend open houses & private showings.
  • Buyers not necessarily comfortable directly conversing with seller.
  • Professional realtors best-suited for this environment.
  • Bottom line: your realtor is best advocate for home’s details & strengths.

4.) Misleading listing photos.

  • Balance is key here.
  • Wide-angles & camera tricks often deceive buyer expectations.
  • Present your home in its best light > ‘ideal’ light.

5.) Overpricing.

  • Buyers want value.
  • Partner with realty professional who understands market conditions.
  • Utilize comparable homes [for sale or recently sold], as pricing references.
  • Adapt to market conditions [ex. seasonal, bear/bull market, mortgage rates].

Original Post by: Katie Wickham for Trulia.

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