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Calling all Investors and Developers! Feast your eyes on this prime corner lot in the Pennsport neighborhood! Currently used as a parking lot, this irregularly sized lot is brimming with potential, such as a fabulous 3 story house a future home owner would absolutely adore! Do...
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1934 E Moyamensing Ave
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Listed5 day(s)

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WalkScore: 86 out of 100 – Very Walkable

The Deal: 
The dominant façade in the neighborhood is red brick. Colonial and Federal-style homes can be found on certain streets. Formstone finishes, popular in the 50s & '60s,  remain on many properties.

The Feel:
A true “South Philly” neighborhood filled with families and couples.  Residents who lived there for 50 years are now next door neighbors to Center City couple who are buying their first home.

Neighborhood Association: Pennsport Neighborhood Association

Pennsport  is bound by Passyunk Square to the west, the Delaware River to the east, Queen Village neighborhood to the north, and Whitman to the south. It is home to approximately 27,000 people and is known largely as an Irish American neighborhood.  Pennsport is a true “South Philly” neighborhood, complete with many Mummers’ Clubs  and with the famous 2 Street running through the middle of it.  There are plenty of commercial outlets like Target and Shoprite, but also cute little boutiques like Norman’s Baby Store.  It also is home to IKEA and United Artist Movie Theater both located on Columbus Boulevard.  It is a very affordable, family neighborhood convenient to Center City.

Average sale price in Pennsport
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