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An investment opportunity not to be missed! This 4-story property with Roof Deck, is located in prime Rittenhouse Square location. Most recently used as attorneys' offices, it has 8 office suites with three full baths and one half bath. Also features a separate 1-bedroom, 1-b...
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Our recent sales in Rittenhouse Square
1912 Waverly St
250 S 17Th St # 1401
1708 Pine St # 2F
224 S 20Th St
2054 Sansom St
268 S 20Th St
1528 Sansom St
1724 Spruce St
2043 Locust St
402 S 20Th St
Recent Listings in Rittenhouse Square
1701 Locust St #1412
Listed2 day(s)

2100 Walnut St #2L
Listed5 day(s)

1634 Waverly St
Listed5 day(s)

1821 Spruce St #1ST/2D
Listed6 day(s)

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Rittenhouse Square

Walk Score: 98 out of 100, Walker's Paradise

The Deal:
Multi-million dollar Mansions to small Trinities (1 room per floor), opulent pre-war-brand new sky scraping condominium high-rises. This is the high-rent district.

The Feel:
Chic & Sleek filled with both the upwardly mobile and those who made it like the ladies who lunch

The Rittenhouse Square neighborhood (17th-21st, Lombard St-Walnut St) has been famous world-wide for decades as the address of choice for high brow Philadelphians and illustrates the elegance, wealth, and culture of Philadelphia. The gorgeous Rittenhouse Square is one of the five original open-space parks/squares planned by William Penn. Today, the tree-filled park is surrounded by high rise residences, luxury apartments, Walnut Street Boutiques, that rival San Francisco's Union Square, and high-end hotels including the five-star, Rittenhouse Hotel. In addition, it features sleek sidewalk cafes, including Rouge, Devon and most recently Parc. It is the place to see and be seen and if there is a movie star filming in town it is pretty much guaranteed they will be making a stop at one of those restaurants.

Average sale price in Rittenhouse Square
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