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12 S 10Th St
1010 Race St # 6LM
1010 Race St # 5K
1230 Summer St
309 N 13Th St
518 N 10Th St
549 N 10Th St
1231 Vine St
726 Arch St
1230 Summer St
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1100 Vine St #C8
Listed4 day(s)

1100 Vine St #C9
Listed4 day(s)

1027 Arch St #605
Listed4 day(s)

1010 Race St #PD
Listed15 day(s)

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WALKSCORE: 95 out of 100 - Walker’s Paradise

The Deal:  
Almost entirely mid & high rise condos, including many recently renovated buildings.  The living is dense in this 24 hour section of Center City.

The Feel: 
Bustling, Urban, Happening 

Neighborhood Links: http://www.chinatown-pcdc.org/

Chinatown is a predominantly Asian American neighborhood and while similar to any "Chinatown” it has a distinctly Philadelphian architecture and cultural character. The Chinatown Friendship Gate, the first authentically created gate in the USA, located at 10th and Arch Street, is an internationally known landmark and a symbol of cultural exchange and friendship between Philadelphia and its Sister City, Tianjin, China.  Chinatown is home to Philly Favorite Reading Terminal Market and the newly expanded Convention Center.

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