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This is a large one bedroom located in the heart of Fishtown. This recently rehabbed unit has all the amenities you could ask for, W/D in unit, Video Intercom, SS Appliances, Granite Counter tops, the list goes on!! This unit is located near restaurants in the hot Fishtown are...
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WalkScore: 88 out of 100 – Very Walkable

The Deal:
An old-school North Philly neighborhood right off the waterfront, experiencing a growth of upscale refurbished row homes and other trendy establishments.

The Feel:
Historic and traditional working class neighborhood mixed with a rising professional and artistic atmosphere.

Neighborhood Links: http://fishtownlife.com/

Located immediately northeast of Center City, its borders are somewhat disputed today due to many factors, but are roughly defined by the triangle created by the Delaware River, Frankford Avenue, and York Street. Some newer residents expand the area to Lehigh Avenue, while some older residents shrink the area to Norris Street. It is served by the Market-Frankford Line rapid transit subway/elevated of the SEPTA system. The name "Fishtown" is derived from the area's former role as the center of the shad fishing industry on the Delaware River. The name comes from the fact that a number of 18th and early 19th century German & German-American families bought up the fishing rights on both sides of the Delaware River from Trenton Falls down to Cape May, New Jersey. Also, in the early 18th century, an English colonist was fabled to have caught the largest shad in the world in the Delaware River. In recent years Fishtown has experienced moderate gentrification characterized by significant rises in housing prices and the opening of upscale art, entertainment, and dining establishments. An influx of artists and professionals has joined the ranks of police officers, fire fighters, nurses, carpenters, electricians, stone masons, plumbers, sheet-metal workers, and teamsters.

Average sale price in Fishtown
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